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It’s amazing what the introduction of Common Rail systems has done for diesel. And as the efficiency of all types of diesel vehicles continues to increase, so does the sophistication of common rail diagnosis and repairs. Becoming a Delphi Diesel Centre tells your garage customers that you can use the latest knowledge and tools to perform an “Authorized Repair” on Delphi injectors and pumps. This means that you have the equipment and training required to generate a new code for an injector after it is repaired — the only way to properly repair an injector.

What makes a Delphi Diesel Centre different from other garages?

Delphi Service Centres

Having the right tools in order to do the right repairs for your customers is easier when you are a Delphi Service Centre. As vehicle technology evolves, so does the diagnosis and repair process. Becoming a Delphi Service Centre means having fast access to the latest OE training, tools and repair information.

The training and information you receive as a Delphi Service Centre is grouped into five different modules. Each module includes OE-level training in diagnostics and removal/refit procedures, as well as hotline support.

All five modules are included with your annual membership. Your garage simply selects the module or modules in which you want to specialize, and then meets the criteria.

Repair with Delphi Service Centre!

Our innovative Delphi Service Centre programme is designed to ensure you can partner with the expert. Us! As a member of our rapidly expanding global network, you can access OE-based training, technical support, parts and equipment. What does that mean? The right tools to help you do the right repairs for your customers…

Unlike other OE programmes, membership to the Delphi Service Centre network does not require you to rebrand your business or repaint your building. You retain the name and appearance.

your customers have come to know and trust. Your garage will display three exclusive Delphi.